Valentine's Day & Guess, A Perfect Combination

Happy Valentine's day everyone! This is my first with look with the Guess platforms I snagged at Marshall's for $20, yes, I repeat, $20 dollars. They were the only pair and magically in my size; which I found amazing since my size usually sells out first!  Originally $150 how could anyone say no?! This dress was also an awesome snag, and one of the pieces that started to get me interested in clothes other than what the "mass" was wearing.

The carpetbag belonged to my great grandmother, she was a bold woman for her time wearing wacky hats, and such. You should have seen the wallpaper that was in her house (I might go take some pictures of the ones that are still there to show you.) I wonder what she'd think of me... Oh, by the by,  I am now on LOOKBOOK so come and Hype and fan me here!

Maximilian wanting attention and getting it, he's a cutie.


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Dress - (Not sure of brand - tag missing, Originally $55, clearance - $15)
Chain w/ vintage skeleton key -  (both thrifted for a total of $1.50)
Tights - Vera Wang ($9)
Shoes - Guess ($20!!!)
Vintage Carpet bag - Great Grandmothers (She was a bold woman for her time, you should have see the wallpaper that was in her house. I wonder what she'd think of me, I bet we'd get along fantastically!)
Vintage Kodak Instamatic 300 - ($4)
Ring - Vendor ($25)

 XO XO, 
Miss Mary

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