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I am so pleased to have found a lovely consignment shop not to far from the city I live in; I am mostly excited about it because their selection is incredible, with a heavy emphasis on vintage pieces, and prices unlike any other, so affordable! I could not believe my eyes when I picked this vintage Kate Collins sweater off of the rack, it was love at first sight and the deal was sealed when I saw the price, $8! It is my favorite piece of clothing at the moment, when ever I have a chill, this is the sweater I put on.  Also, a note on my jeans, since I'm only 5' 2'' even trousers labeled "short" (usually 30inches) are still too long. So one day my younger cousin pulled me into Delia's and I discovered they offer jeans in petite sizes (28 inch inseam!!!!). I was so excited, pants that fit, weird.

Sweater - Vintage, Kate Collins ($8)
Purse - Vintage, Dofan ($4)
Belt - Vintage  ($4)
Jeans - Delia's 'Morgan' ($23)
Oxfords - Candies ($17)
Nail Lacquer - Sally Hanson ($10)

Miss Mary


  1. Thank you! No matter how many times I wear it in a week, I can't seem to get tired of it!

  2. love your jumper! it's adorable :)


  3. woow! i really like your blog!
    much inspiration!
    keep posting


    1. Oh my! Thank you so much! I try to be regular about posting, but life is so busy at the moment! Please keep checking in, I will be posting again in a day or two~