New E Course from Delightfully Tacky!


 If you've never visited Delightfully Tacky blog before, do so! Run by Elizabeth, her blog encompasses her daily style, cooking, DIY, and even offers e courses. This one I'm talking about today, Style Yourself, is her newest.

"Many of us were taught "fashion rules" as kids.  Don't wear black and brown together, don't mix prints, no wearing white after labor day, etc. etc.  This e-course is about throwing the rulebook out and starting from scratch– starting from YOU.  Personal style is something that should emanate from within.  Your passion and personality should dictate your personal style!

In this e-course I'll cover topics including wardrobe basics, finding your style inspiration, dressing for hot/cold weather, layering, mixing prints, and tons of other fun stuff!"

Although I already feel I have a good grasp on my personal style, I'll be taking the Style Yourself e course, because it's always worth what some one has to say get new ideas and inspirations! So find or refine your personal style and give the Style Yourself e course a go!