Back in Action!

SO I know I suddenly left, didn't even write a good bye note, but I have had so many last minute and major changes since I wrote last in August. Where do I start, well a list shall do :

1) Haircut: Cut off 16+ inches and donated it! I've never had short hair before, very strange indeed, but LOVING it!
Not sure what I'm looking at, but it's the only decent picture I have atm...

2) School: After three years and one away from graduating (I know, I know.) I left the university I was attending for a major in education, to take an opportunity to go to photography school.

3) Work: SO, now I am working full time to save up for living costs and new equipment.

4) DIY: Yes, I finished the nightstand, I will post better pictures of it as soon as I can find my hard drive... D:
Can you tell I love dinosaurs? :)

5) DIY 2: Since most of my friends are far away now, I will have to find things to do, so I have a bit of an interest in perusing some DIY projects I have come across recently. (Mason Jar cakes anyone?!)

6) Stuff: Picked up some lovely outfits and accessories which I can not wait to share with you all!

Annnnd that just about covers everything, phew. My life has been a crazy whirlwind lately and it's on going to become crazier! So bare with me and I promise, and if I have to go away for a bit, I'll leave a note. :)

xoxo Mj

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