Les Machines DeL'Ile Nantes

By chance I happened to end up watching a French Canadian news channel, I wasn't going to keep watching (as I speak very little French) but then this curious little story came on and I was instantly  hooked. On the island of Nantes, France there is a museum called, Les Machines DeL'Ile Nantes; This museum features handcrafted/carved works of art, inspired by the minds of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci. The pieces are all ride-able, hand operable, and just incredible to behold (I mean, just look at their banner! Elephants, airplanes, squids! It's all there!). There are deep sea fish, dragons, flying machines, insects and many more. If you are lucky you may get to go for a ride on the giant elephant or see the giant spider or girl. I suppose one could call this place a "steampunk" heaven (I'm not exactly into this style but I do see the fantastical appeal of it.) Check out these pictures and visit their site, if you are in the area please go visit and tell me all about it! Some day I WILL go see this incredible place!

                                             All pictures & graphics from http://www.lesmachines-nantes.fr

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