A Pleasingly Quiet Day

Today was so pleasingly quiet, my family were all at work and I was at home enjoying the beautiful 65ish degree day with the cat.  Although getting to enjoy this lovely day came at a bit of a price. Yesterday while riding a spunky (half Arabian) horse at my local barn, (Oh yes, have I mentioned this? I'm a huge horse lover!) I received the pleasure of becoming very personal with the ground.    It's rather amusing but I remember my only thought, "Here I come ground." and off I went as he bucked me off.  But not to worry, I'm completely fine, sore, but fine.  I've had worse; like the time I was thrown off head first, over the horses head, in the late fall, face first into a hard, frosty ground. That time it really hurt, haha. Anyway, blah, blah, blah,  going back to today:  I ended up calling out of work to make sure I didn't aggravate my back any more, and luckily I wasn't that sore and ended up have a wonderful day off!  Aside from these photos I also hung out with my cat and started a  DIY project involving file folders and fabric, more on that soon!

Aren't those buttons just adorable!?
 Dress - Vintage, thrifted ($5)
 Belt - Francesca's Collections ($18)
Shoes - Via Pinky ($13)
Necklace - found key and chain from another necklace
Ring - Vintage, C/o my Mum.

Enjoy the weather!

Miss Mary


  1. This dress is adorable, I am a pretty huge sucker for floral! An unplanned day off with your kitty sounds amazing (besides the soreness, ouch). I work the next 12 days straight so a pleasingly quiet day would be MOST welcome! Adorable blog :)
    xo Hannah

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words! I completely understand your weakness for floral prints! :) I hope your days at work are followed by some much needed rest!

      Miss Mary