A Trip to the Sea

Today my friend and I took on the long trip to the sea, where we made some lovely photos. The dress a simple blue, thrifted for $3 with a pink scarf accenting the middle, also thirfted for a wonderful 50 cents, and then of course, my hat, which I bought new. I have always enjoyed going to thrift shops, and yard sales, but this summer I've apparently been bitten by the Super Thrifty Bug, 'cause I can't stop. I have found many great finds with in the last few days, and I am itching to go again. I've been looking up thrift/antique stores with in 30 miles of where I live, and am going to try to go to them alllllll.

 I absolutely adore the ocean, I wish I lived near it so I could go there everyday, because I would. Rain, shine, snow, or windy, the beach is never ceases to stun me with it's beauty.

See you soon!

Dress - Mossimo (Thrifted) ($2.99)
Scarft - (Around waist, thrifted) ($1)
Necklace - Real vintage skeleton key belonging to chest that I thrifted.
Hat - XXI ($7)

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