Fields of Flowers

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've been working like a maniac trying to save money, and the past few days I've come home just to beat to do anything but sleep. But I am here now, and hope to start writing something everyday.

I bought this dress at Forever XXI, and I absolutely adore it! Most certainly my new favorite, it is a seemingly simple dress with a subtle pizazz thanks to the open back. I've been wearing it so much, it had so many colors in, it matching it with sweaters and accessories is pretty easy, not to mention is super comfy. I paired it up with a brown leather watch and shoe, large key earrings, and a reverse milk-maid braid, which I made up on my own one rainy day.. Although  someone has probably done it already.. Anyway, something isn't quite right to me as I look back at these photos, and I wonder if  its my accessory choice that throws it off.  Earrings or watch? I'm not too sure, so what do you think? I'd love to hear!

The fields around my house are so beautiful, filled with crickets and colors and other wonderful crawly things. So I grabbed the tripod, camera and Erik (the dog!) and took some pictures.

Dress: XXI ($12.50)
Shoes: Candie's ($12.99)
Watch: Gift.
Sweater: American Eagle (Thrifted!) ($1.99)
Earrings: Street vendor ($~12)
Nail polish: Bonita ($1.50)

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