They Say it's your Birthday

 Why yes, Paul and John would be right about that, yesterday was my birthday, and it was just too fantastic for words to describe it! I spent the day in the city and at the International Cryptozoology Museum;  they have a Jackalope (see below) and I had to see one on my birthday, since they are one of my most favorite things ever. World renown, the museum is the size of a large city apartment, and stuffed (pun intended) with the wackiest stuff.  Not to mention I got to drag one of my best buddies around with me! We hit so many thrifts stores, the cutest standing-room-only pizza shop and not to mention the summer-like weather.  Even the drive was amazing. Here are some photos I snapped and thought I would share!  In conclusion, best birthday ever.

 Yes, that is Santa, apparently in some cultures he is not the jolly human being we know.

Miss Mary

(Post title from The Beatles' song "Birthday" )


  1. happy belated bday then!! looks like u had a great night =)

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, I had a wonderful time~

    xoxo, Mj