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I hope some of you are returning for a second helping, but if not, welcome! (You should read the first post ☺) I suppose a bit of background is in order. I am in my twenties, and enjoy sewing, photography, adventures, floral and western-themed wallpaper, collecting odd mugs/kitchen items and making all kinds of art, which is what I went to school for. I take a lot of my photos with a timer and tripod, but most are taken by my best friend. As for my outfits I try to keep the dresses, shoes, shirts, accessories/etc. I buy under $30. That said, of course I will splurge occasionally and buy something a little on the pricy side, unfortunately working and saving as much as I have been this year, shopping has been the last thing on my to do list; so you may see a few remixes.

In my last post I posted a picture of me and my darling pooch Erik! (Always classy in his tux.) Anyway, here what I was wearing: Dress- XXI, Shoes- Candies via Khols, Saddlebag- Vintage, Etsy.

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